A Voice in the Fog

I’d like to share a Letter to the Editor my sister Barb submitted to her local Colorado newspaper, Ranchland News. It ran this week. I’m proud of her for being a bright voice in the fog.

Dear Editor,

I can sum up the reason for the recent shootings in America in one word - hate. These violent acts are fueled by anger and hatred against fellow human beings.

It concerns me that politicians like the Elbert County Clerk and Recorder and Commissioner Amy Lathen are contributing to the violence in Colorado by breeding an environment of hate. I am shocked that a public official is allowed to display prejudicial material in a government building.  

I am also alarmed at the time and energy spent by Amy on ignoring medical marijuana laws (a constitutional right) that were voted in by her constituents, many of whom are disabled veterans. Amy's disregard of the Colorado constitution and public hate for our president seems very unpatriotic. By opposing diversity, and having intolerance for anyone who disagrees with them, these politicians are inviting haters to act violently.

It saddens me that people use Bible verses, taken out of context, as a reason to hate others. I have read the Bible from Genesis thru Revelations, and there is nothing about hating your neighbor, judging your neighbor or withholding from your neighbor. Quite the opposite actually.

How would it be if Colorado became known as the love state, rather than the hate state? If our politicians encouraged diversity and acceptance rather than intolerance and narrow mindedness?

My Christmas wish this year is for an infusion of love to engulf Colorado and the United States. And for our politicians to stand in love and right thinking. I send love to Amy, the Elbert County offices, and all the other haters during this Christmas season. May we all remember the real meaning of Christmas.

Peace to All,

Barb Angell

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