Characters I Have Known: Miss Louise Z.

Miss Louise Zumbrunnen was a resident at a retirement home where I worked years ago. Although she was in her mid-nineties and lived in the health center, her mind was still sharp. There was a sweetness and a brightness about her that touched me, and we had a nice friendship. 


She remained curious and interested in the world around her.  

“There is so much to learn,” she said one day.  That statement made quite an impression on me.  What a fantastic attitude—to continue to be engaged with life even as hers was in the home stretch.


Louise had been craft-oriented when she was younger and had done a lot of quilling. This was the ancient art of shaping and coiling narrow strips of paper to create a design. Her room was decorated with many fine examples of her talent. One day she gifted me with a lovely wooden spoon that she had quilled. I still have it and keep it with my Christmas decorations. I always think of her when I take it out, and remember her lively declaration. 


“There is so much to learn.”


What a beautiful legacy one can leave with carefully chosen words. 







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