Daydreaming at Trader Joe's

A funny thing happened on the way to Trader Joe’s recently. I slowed down to let a man cross from the parking lot as he headed toward the office supply store next door, and thought, Gee…he looks just like Stephen King! It wasn’t, of course, but naturally my imagination was off and running: What if it really was Stephen King, visiting the area and needing some writing supplies? How cool would that be?  I envisioned him stocking up on his tools of the trade: pens, pencils, writing notebook, printer ink… 


Leaving him to it, I parked and headed in to TJ’s to buy rice bread, eggs, olive oil, and organic carrot juice. When finished, I moseyed up to the checkout line—blithely gazing at the displays of dark chocolate—when I realized that Mr. King’s doppelgänger was checking out in front of me. He was chatting with the checker and said, “I’m here trying to work through a problem in my novel.”


Ha! Don’t you love how the universe works? (And yes, I resisted laughing out loud and saying, “I can relate! I’m a writer, too.”)  I went to TJ’s for food, and ended up with a daydream come to life.





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