Heart on a Sleeve

Have you noticed how something ordinary can reach out and grab you when you least expect it? Some might call it a waking dream, others might call it a sign.   


I was sitting in an airport Starbucks last year during a layover. I looked at the cardboard “sleeve” on my tall soy chai (no foam) latte and read: Stories are Gifts. Share.   


Not only was it a lovely directive, it was an affirmation for writers and storytellers everywhere. Being in the middle of manuscript revisions made it especially applicable—a little tap on my shoulder from the universe saying, “You are doing something worthwhile. Keep it up.”  


The other customers probably interpreted my big smile as “she’s really enjoying that beverage!” Wanting to share the love, I collected a couple more sleeves during my trip and gave them to my writing pals at our next meeting. Mine is still pinned to the bulletin board in my office: for inspiration and a nice memory. 


There’s synchronicity involved, don’t you think? Here’s a place that is a magnet for writers and readers who enjoy a dreamy beverage and either reading, writing, or chatting with friends. It’s all about connecting and sharing and enjoying life. I call that (raising my biodegradable cup) a very good sign, indeed.



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