The Power of Paradigm

 Writers use the power of paradigm to great effect. An unexpected twist, a shift in how a character is perceived, a unique world view that leaps out of left field…  The possibilities are endless.


I was once at a seminar where the presenter played a recording of what sounded like a New Age-y choir. There were many voices—men and women toning and harmonizing in a way that was interesting and lovely. It was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever heard. And then the presenter said, “What you just heard was a recording of grasshoppers…slowed down 10,000 times.”  


Grasshoppers, folks. Talk about a paradigm shift! I experienced the connectedness and intelligence of life around me in a new and unexpected way. It was life-changing. When I now encounter a field of grasshoppers, I know that beneath the cacophony and seemingly randomness of sound, there is order.


This is the gift writers give readers: the pleasure of paradigm shifts and surprising perspectives that make a story even more enjoyable and compelling. And it all starts with funneling creativity and imagination into words on a page.


Now isn’t that just plain fun?


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