"What You Read"

New Year’s Eve, 1999, was a joyous occasion. I was playing a children’s concert in Columbia, MO for the annual First Night Celebration--welcoming the new millennium with peppy songs, banjo and penny whistle tunes.


This particular venue was in the lobby of one of the government buildings, and the crowd was a mix of adults and children. I was wearing black velvet slacks and a glittery sweater set. (Minus the long-johns. It was about 5 degrees outside.) It was a fun, festive evening.


After singing about Magic Boxes, Peanut Butter and Jelly (my version), and how each of us is special, I ended the concert the way I always did: with a poem called “What You Read.”  I considered it “positive programming” of young minds. (And librarians liked it!)


            What you read

            Plants a seed

            In your imagination

            Where wonderful things can grow

            Take some time to look

            For a very special book

            And add a little more to what you know

            What you find inside may surprise you

            Every page holds a secret or two

            That you can plant in your garden

            And let your imagination bloom


                            --by Cindy Angell Keeling


Here’s to cultivating our imaginations—through reading, writing, and opening ourselves to the creative flow. Thanks for stopping by!




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